Website Development – Hosting

NGDigital also helps its clients with all types of web hosting strategies. There are various types of hosting like

  1. Shared hosting – here we put thousands of websites on the same physical server. Each customer has their own allocation of physical web space and a set of bandwidth limit
  2. Virtual Private Server – Also called as Virtual Dedicated Server. It is a server which is partitioned into smaller servers. In this we give our clients their own partition, which is installed with its own operating system
  3. Dedicated Server –  here we provide a single dedicated server and is set up for just one customer.
  4. Reseller Hosting – This type of hosting acts as a middle man and sells hosting space of someone else’s server.
  5. Grid Hosting – In this, instead of using one server, resources are spread over a large number of servers. It is quite stable and flexible.

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