Patient History Tracker System

There are large number of commercial system applications to allow a single organization to maintain their data related to patient visiting their Hospital for treatment. Basic problems with the existing system are non-interactive environment they provide to users. Use of such system is only beneficial to a single organization. The existing system does not allow Doctor’s to find the disease viral and number of people affected. Existing System doesn’t record the details of all users. It is heavy to carry all the files (i.e. reports and prescription).

 Smart phones are now ubiquitous. The most popular operating system these days is Android. It’s easy to use and affordable to all classes. We can find a lot of applications coming up for android based phones. Games, Security, etc. App are available for these phones these days. PATIENT HISTORY TRACKER is an android application. This application will store all the emergency call numbers like Hospital, personal doctor’s number etc. Patient does not need to carry the files of previously held check-up. This application provides a log-in for doctor and patient as well. Doctor can access the medical diagnose information of the patient. Patient is registered with a unique ID. So the database of history of a patient is available with all the doctors registered with the application. Patient can view their medical diagnose by logging onto their accounts. When travelling or getting treatment from a new doctor then doctor can easily get the patient’s medical history through this application. Patient can save appointments with Doctor’s and medicine reminders. As per pre-diagnosed diseases, a list of Do’s and Don’ts will be attached to the patients’ profile. These will ease the tedious work of handling all the papers and files of hospitals. It will analyse for common disease being found in most patient and number of people affected. It will provide Medical reports will be digitized and it will be easy to be handled by one.

Proposed system is based on user need and is user centred. The system will developed in considering all issues related to all user which are included in this system. Wide range of people can use this if they know how to operate android smart phone. Various issues related to hospital management will be solved by providing them a full-fledged system. Thus we are implementing Patient History Tracker system to help and solve one of the problems of people.