Problem Statement:

A number of commercial shopping websites online offer large number of products to meet the shopping interest of large number of customers.

Basic problems with the existing systems are that they have non interactive environment. 

  • Use of such laid-back user interface makes frequent posts back to the server to display results causing delay. 
  • The existing system results in too much rush in the mall while handling products and the space in mall. 
  • Existing System provides no detailed records of all users. 
  • It is inconvenient for the customers to carry all purchased products and look other products. 
Project Idea:
  • Server Communication 
  • User Interface and display (UID), and 
  • Automatic bill generation. 

Server Communication helps establish and maintain the connection of the customers shopping cart with the main server. UID provides the user inter face to the customers for better understanding and billing module generates the bill in association with the Server. These modules are integrated into a software system and are tested to satisfy the functionality. The prototype developed is ready for commercial deployment. 

Hardware Resources Required
  • Parameter: 512mb
  • Hard Disk: 20gb
  • Processor: 1.2GHz
  • Smartphone : 2-5MP camera
Software Requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows OS, Android Software Resources Required
  • Server: Apache Server, XAMPP/WAMP
  • Programming Language:PHP,Java,XML. 4. Database: MySQL, SQLite 
  • IDE: Dreamweaver, Android Studio